27 August 2007

Bunster Hill - Peak District, near Ilam.

Here are some pics of us climbing Bunster Hill in the peak district near a little town called Ilam. The walk was straight up the hill and a touch tiring after numerous Magners Ciders the night before. The view was great though and the sun was out. It was gusting at the top and hard to stand up or talk.


The peak of Bunster (Bastard) Hill.


Walking the ridge on the way up to the peak.


Tame sheep getting a photo.


The small town of Ilam


Sheep in a very green paddock

The Roaches - Peak District

Here are a bunch of pics of us climbing around the Roaches in the peak district - very nice area.







The Bull I" Th" Thorns

Here are some photos of a pub we had lunch in when we stayed at the Peak District over the long weekend. The pub is called the bull in the thorns but they leave out the n and e from the IN and THE for some reason. The pub was great and was built in 1472. We had very nice food and the barmaid was an absolute stunner. The pub is located in the middle of no where near Buxton.



26 August 2007

Drinking beer in the gutter - Ashbourne


Here is a great pic of what comes naturally to Aussies. Drinking Beer (Fosters and Kronenbourg) in the gutter outside some pub in Ashbourne (Peak District). It was a sunny day and all the seats were taken so everybody just sat on the street. The three people on the left are joss, rob and pete and then corinne.

12 August 2007

More Crazy Welsh Sheep at the Bwlch





Here are some more pics of the sheep at the top of the Bwlch in Wales.

Crazy Welsh Sheep

On the weekend we went to Wales to visit Liv and Downy. we went for a drive up a bwlch (welsh for hill) and sore some sheep near the Mr Whippy van - they were very cool and the view was good too.

Goodbye Wing Dragon


Sadly on Sunday 12th August 2007 we say goodbye to the Wing Dragon. On a sunny, too windy day in Bridgend. Wales, the Wing Dragon took on a life of its own and flew away. Ben the gallant controller had not a chance of turning the dragon around and both Ben and Downy watched in despair as the wing dragon flew crazily away with a flourish of loops and very little control. Looking back at the situation it was much too windy but i thought i could control her. We searched in the fields and trees and got shredded by ditches and blackberries without any luck. Hopefully no one was hurt or anything damaged. The only positive from this is that now i can get a new better plane without the excuse of not needing two planes.

8 August 2007

My Tattoo!



Here is a picture of my tattoo! I had it done on Friday so it’s still a bit fresh and healing. I absolutely love it and can’t stop checking myself out. I’ve been wanting a tattoo for a while and came up with this design after having a dream about it. I like that it isn’t a flower or butterfly. Its only small and you can only see it when I wear hipsters or my bikini which is cool. It felt like a scalpel cutting me when I had it done but it’s not that bad and didn’t hurt afterwards.

4 August 2007

Rabbits fighting

This is just another funny video on youtube.