24 February 2010

Cava Session in Cobram

Hidey Ho Children,

While we were in Cobram with our amazing friends, Olivia and Anthony Down, we had a Cava session in the back yard.  They brought the set back from Fiji after their honeymoon (declared at customs) and we had a few packets of the lovely dirty water that is supposed to work magic on all sorts of things. 

We sat in the backyard, enjoyed brilliant Cobram weather, birdlife, carpet like grass and good company.  The cava tasted like dirty water – perfect.

That night was Valentines so we walked down to the river later for some dinner……..



Fragrant bowl of muddy water




Like a fine wine



Buttery after tones with a plum and citrus aroma



Cava Dog - Millie

23 February 2010

Driving around Australia

While we have been in Australia we have done a few good drives, including down to Cobram to visit Liv and Downy.  Here are some images of our travels.


Driving in NSW


Nice straight road, blue sky and quality cloudsP1090157

Possibly some Warrumbungles in the back groundP1090158


Reflections in the River at Gilgandra




The Radio Telescope at Parkes




Lookout near Mt Glorious


Spillway, Wivenhoe Dam – The start of the Brisbane river




Our Farm


Arty shot by Corinne


Rainfall in the distance

9 February 2010

Australian Adventures

Hidey Ho

We have spent the last week taking in the sights and warmth and torrential rain in South East QLD.  We visited Esk, Wivenhoe Dam, Tin Can Bay, Toowoomba, Gympie, our Farm and also Noosa on the Weekend.

We had a great day Saturday swimming and looking around Noosa, but Sunday was a big day of Rain with 350mm of rain falling in some places in SE QLD.  We were up in Gympie Visiting Justo and Vicki and their Gorgeous children on Sunday and it rained the whole time.  The kids smashed us after lunch which was fun and then we drove back home in the pouring rain.

We have visited the farm a few times and it is so green and grassy…  We can’t wait to get back in a couple of years.


Sexy Corinne on Noosa main beach





Young Bush Turkey







Afternoon on the Beach looking over to the north shore




Noosa River with some weather coming




White face heron, noosa river


Cattle property in the Noosa Hinterland looking gorgeous


Hermit Crab – Tin Can bay

2 February 2010

Royal Brunei Airlines – Introducing Gutter Class



This year we flew back to Australia with Royal Brunei Airlines. 

We had issues from the start.  We waited at Heathrow for our announcement to board or go to the gate but it never happened.  Finally there was an announcement that said to go to the travel desk where we were told very slowly, that we had to wait 2 hrs and were given £7 meal vouchers, which doesn’t buy much at the airport.  Corinne and I returned to the travel desk 1hr and 45minutes later and found that our gate was closing and we were just about the last people on the plane.

Next we had very unfriendly air hostesses which is unusual for Asian based airlines as we have always had good service.  My TV did not work, nor did many others which is pretty boring on a 15 hour flight.  The food was like frozen ready meals.

The landing of the aircraft which we experienced 3 times – Dubai, Brunei and Brisbane was terrible.  We actually bounced off one back wheel and onto the other and then down again landing in Brunei and in Brisbane i thought that maybe there was a sudden gravitational anomaly as we fell out of the sky onto the runway.

The most disgraceful treatment occurred at Brunei airport where the crazy security searched most of the hand luggage individually trying to confiscate as much as they could.  Alcohol is not allowed in Brunei, which is fine, but apparently you can’t even have it in your bag whilst in Transit.  Because we did not go through passport control we were not even in the country officially but they still took away alcohol from everyone, even if it was sealed in duty free bags.

To conclude, I would implore you all to boycott RB and Brunei itself and tell all your friends the same as they are by far the worst Airlines we have ever travelled with.  To back up our ability to judge an airline i have listed the airlines we have flown with.

JAL, Malaysian, Thai, Cathay pacific, Emirates, Quantas, Air Berlin, Easy Jet, Ryan Air, Olympic airways, Adria airways, Aegean Airlines, Delta, Canada Air, Blue sky, Flybe, Air New Zealand, Vueling, US airways, regional express.