31 October 2007

In Memory of Maxy

Unfortunately on the 31st of October 2007 Max Warnick was Euthanased because of a severe case of Tick Paralysis. Max, Maxy or Dudley was a rare Siberian Prarie dog of an enviable lineage. Maxy was a ripe old 14 years and had a pretty good healthy life except for a bout of pancreatitis in the last 4-5 years. Maxy was an accomplished chicken killer and spent much of his early years ranging around the western suburbs of Brisbane looking for the delicious feathered meals.

Maxy escaped from the house on sunday and apparently met his first tick - Ixodes holocyclus in his lifetime. These nasty little arachnids inject a paralytic venom when they attcah to drink blood and cause an ascending paralysis over a number of days. Usually the first signs of a problem are a chnage in voice of the dog or hindlimb then forelimb weakness. Once the toxin is in it is very hard and very expensive to cure and often a fruitless exercise. Maxy put in a Valiant effort but succumbed to the little 8 legged turd of a tick.

He will be remembered by all fondly.


Ready for action in his Super Hero days


Sleeping heavily after killing a good many chickens


With a beer bottle top on his head after winning the local pub quiz

28 October 2007


Halloween is coming up in a few days and everyone gets excited over here in the UK. There are lots of events, fireworks and shops selling outfits and lollies etc. We bought a special halloween pumpkin from the supermarket and made our first ever Halloween pumpkin - very cool.


Autumn in Warley Wood

Autumn has arrived in Warley Wood, our local park.




The leaves are changing colour and falling, the squirrels are madly collecting nuts and burying them and the air is getting cold.

21 October 2007


Here is a video of me and Rob setting off some fireworks on the night of the Rugby World Cup Final. The Blue Apollo Rocket at the end is great and extremely loud. They were all purchased from our local supermarket.

20 October 2007

The Happiest Man Alive


One day in the future someone will ask me ’what was your happiest moment in your life?’ That is obvious really and the picture above shows that moment or close to it. That’s me with a lot of fireworks and a 5 litre keg of beer. The rugby world cup final is on and even though two unworthy teams are playing it is still an event to celebrate. Me and Rob are going to watch and set off some fireworks and then drink. I have enough explosives there to take out my whole suburb so i am pretty excited.

Even better the fireworks are from ALDI and it was all CHEAP. If only Australia was forward enough to sell fireworks and alcohol and food all in the one store/

14 October 2007

Ted's Christening

Here are a few pics from my Godson’s Christening - Ted Muller. It was the morning after Denise’s wedding and me and Corinne were feeling a bit tired to say the least. It was a great day and we were able to catch up with the rellies too. Ted is a nice little baby as he is quiet and happy and not yet able to reak destruction.


The Man of the moment, drooling and stunned at his sudden acceptance into the house of our lord



The proud Family; Wade, Harper (planning destruction), Andrea and the as yet unholy Teddy pre-christening.


There I am, morning after Sister in laws wedding, fighting nausea and holding the candle of love and happiness.


Bob on our latest trip to Oz- isn’t he gorgeous! These are two of his favourite activities- drinking from the bath tap and schmoozing in bed.



Denise and Adam's Wedding

We flew back to Australia for my sister Denise’s wedding to Adam on the 29th of September. It was a really beautiful wedding and an excellent day. We had heaps of fun. I was a bridesmaid and Ben filmed the proceedings. Denise and Adam both looked gorgeous. We’ve put in some photos but if you want to see heaps more then check out Mum’s blog (she used all our photos!)


Nise and Adam cutting their cake and pashing.


Nise squashing a bug.


The second best looking couple on the night (some people just can’t help looking gorgeous).


The bridal party.

Byron Hail storm

Here is a video of the hail storm that hit Byron Bay while we were there.

Byron Bay

Here are a few pics form our time at Byron Bay on Northern NSW’s. We stayed for three nights and had a great relaxing time with lots of Sun, sand, waves and hail storms. We also went to Mullimbimby in the hinterland and had a massage at Kiva spa.

We only just missed being ravaged by the hail storm as we walking back from the lighthouse. We were right up the top of the hill about and hour from home walking back down a when a nice young woman stopped and asked us if we wanted a lift. luckily we said yes as about 5 minutes later it was hailing big stuff.


Corinne, Byron Lighthouse and the coming hail storm.


Byron Lighthouse with some angry grumbling hail filled clouds behind.

The view from the southside of the lighthouse.

Australian Animals

Here are some of the animals we encountered on our trip back to Australia. We saw most of these at or near the beach around Byron Bay and Hastings Point in New South Wales.


Water Dragon


Striated Heron


Sooty Oyster catcher


Silver Gull - about to catch a chip


Washed up Sea Urchin after large storm.


Crested Terns


Huge Jellyfish


Very zoomed in picture of a pair of rainbow Bee eaters