30 November 2009

Finally Vienna

At the end of our holiday about 6 weeks ago we stopped off in Vienna for 3 nights.  The weather continued to be cold and wet and it snowed, sleeted or rained with heavy wind for most of the time.  We still looked about covered in multiple jackets and beanies and gloves and raincoats etc.  We went and watched the Lipizzaner horses at the Spanish riding school do some training which was interesting, especially the little dance they do when standing still. 

We also visited the Natural History museum which was excellent and warm and provided a good day trip.  They have the most amazing and comprehensive collection of creatures and rocks and fossils etc from all over the world.

We also visited the Schönbrunn Palace which is where lots of important Austro-Hungarian snobs lived for years.

By the time we got to Austria we were completely sick of dumplings and pork and sauerkraut, so luckily down the road from our hotel we found a really nice Sushi restaurant run by Asians that provided us finally with something else to eat – brilliant.


White Lipizzaner Horseys going to practice


A cool fossil full of crystals


A genuine Austrian Eskimo


Lots of dead butterflys




Real big pretty dead butterflys


The facade of the natural history museum


Cold and wet


Schonbrunn palace looking at the Glorietta


The palace from up at the glorietta

25 November 2009

Walking in Hunningham

Today i had a day off from my 3 week midlands job.  I drove down to Hunnigham, had a Stowford press cider and farmers plate at the Red Lion pub and then went for a walk around the local farms.

It was great to see it all again as we did this walk a fair bit when we lived in Hunningham for 6 months.  It was a cold wet day but still very enjoyable.

Map picture






19 November 2009

Remember, remember the 5th of November

Bonfire Night!! Ben was in fireworks heaven and put on a fantastic display for us. Hotdogs and mulled wine too!
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5 November 2009


Had a great halloween weekend in Buxton and stayed at the Mansion de Pettet- thanks for a great weekend Em and Dan!


Alfie trying to be a halloween decoration