24 May 2010

Field Mouse in our Garden

On Sunday afternoon we were sitting in the back yard having a BBQ with our friends.  Ian noticed a mouse so we got the camera and filmed the little guy collecting the bread we put out for him.  He is pretty cool.


12 May 2010

Corinne Brunner BVSc Dip ID

That’s right….this 30 year old was just awarded her Diploma of Interior Design! Even awarded on the 10th of May, my birthday- very cool! Now I just need them to change my name plaque at work…. :)

diploma 2


9 May 2010

Grey Squirrel

A short video of the always cute grey squirrel

Birthday Bling

Thank you everybody for my birthday presents, flower, cards and wishes. I’ve had a perfect birthday weekend. Above are my lovely flowers from Mum and Dad, my gorgeous earrings from Ben and my beautiful bracelet from my family. Thanks again!



8 May 2010

Grand Designs Home Show 2010

Today we drove into the outskirts of London to the ExCel centre to see the Grand Designs Home Show. This is our second year visiting the show and it was great again to see all the amazing things people are doing in houses. We saw a few interesting pieces again and some interesting and some crazy ideas. We have decided to celebrate Corinne’s 30th birthday today since we will be at work all day on Monday. We had a nice breakfast of freshly cooked Croissants, Grand designs homeshow, afternoon sleep and then Chinese on the waterfront, very nice.

On Monday we are gonna go tot the Miller and Carter Pub in Rayleigh for a Steak and some ribs with our work friends.

2 May 2010

Gunners Park Photos

On Friday afternoon i had an hour or so before Corinne finished work so I drove down to Gunners park at the end of Thorpe bay Esplanade

Map picture

The park is an old Army garrison that is being developed into some very snappy housing and also has an RSPB reserve.  The afternoon was a bit cold and windy but there was some good light and got some nice pics of a grey heron and a few other creatures.

2429 merge










A video showing some nice pics and me putting them into a youtube video, its all practice.