25 March 2009

Friendly frogs


Here are some new friends that we met at the farm today. Rodger, Fred, Bob, Trevor and up the top you can just see Franks butt. We traveled out to the property which we now properly own (sort of, the bank owns 4/5 and we own 1/5) and checked all the sheds, etc. I checked out one of the float enclosures in a trough and found about 30 frogs shacking up together. We also went up the back paddocks and checked out a couple of the other dams and got some great views from the south-west paddocks.


Looking south south west at Mt Davidson


A view of the House paddocks from the south west of the property, the highest area.


One of the somewhat minimal dams in the southwest of the property

24 March 2009

Landed Gentry


As of 15:20 Australian Eastern Standard Time 24th March 2009 this toilet is ours. We also have a bit more house and some paddocks, bloody exciting really. The property was supposed to settle Friday last week but the Bore pump broke and we wanted to get that fixed before we got the place.

We are back to the UK this friday and will be back in 3 years time to settle on our farm.