31 July 2007

The Dog

Arty farty inside view

The Back entrance of The Dog
Here are some pics of our local pub "The Dog".  It is a really great pub with a nice quality of patron.  That sounds a bit snobby but there are a few other pubs closer to us that we do not feel comfortable in or even safe at some points.  The pub is especially good now that you can’t smoke.  There is a beer garden for the rare sunny day and also a great range of ciders and beers.  On Tuesday night they also have a free trivia night.  The food is quite good though typically british.  Our favourite is the BBQ chicken butty which is a chicken, bacon and lettuce in a roll  with chips quite nice and not too rich compared to the rest.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, how lucky you are to have such a nice looking pub close by. Dad and I always dreamed of having something small and homey like that around the corner. Certainly beats "The City View" ^_^