8 August 2007

My Tattoo!



Here is a picture of my tattoo! I had it done on Friday so it’s still a bit fresh and healing. I absolutely love it and can’t stop checking myself out. I’ve been wanting a tattoo for a while and came up with this design after having a dream about it. I like that it isn’t a flower or butterfly. Its only small and you can only see it when I wear hipsters or my bikini which is cool. It felt like a scalpel cutting me when I had it done but it’s not that bad and didn’t hurt afterwards.


Nise said...

OOoo...nice. If I ever had any kind of tattoo I woulod want it that small :) I really like it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my baby!! It's actually kind of cute. I am thinking of getting a largish heart on my arm with the names of all my loved ones in it and an arrow through it. LOL xxx

Anonymous said...

Cool, Corinne! I like tattoos, some more than others - tis a lovely photo of you as well. It'll be great to see you again soon, I've got new togs [one's that'll fit me!]for our girls day out before the wedding!
Love Lal x