4 August 2008

Hertforshire and Essex

On the Weekend we traveled to hertfordshire to see liv and downy, emma and danny. We partied on saturday night in dane end and visited a local pub which is run by an anti social fool of an idiot. We had a wonderful time though barbeque-ing trout and prawns and scallops and burgers and drinking the night away. we walked through paddocks and stepped in many a good cow poo. Danny and emma got lost? for a while on the way home in the dark but luckily made it back with all clothes.

On Sunday we planned to drive down to essex with em and dan to see soufend with them. We got there, parked and then discovered duel empty mobile phones and had no way to contact them. we walked up and down the esplanade, had some shit british fish and chips and even went to their house to look for them but we never found them. 3 hours later when we got home we had many messages and missed calls on our now charging phones.

The weekend was great, a few mishaps but definitely great and good to catch up with friends.


Downy desperately trying to remember the scientific name of the gum tree behind him


Downy discussing the amazing story of the day he beat danny in an argument, admittedly a rare occurrence


Drinking my beer from an infants cup, very fitting


Emma delighting over the firm, moist flesh of my bbq trout


The start of a very big adventure - to the pub run by the socially incompetent Man


A local Rabbit, very large


The pub garden with three of the fattest labs in existence behind


Me trying desperately to keep my fish and chips down


Anonymous said...

Love those photos. A great weekend had by all, except for missing out on Em and Danny in Southend. More info needed about the socially incompetent innkeeper. What did he do!? xxx

Nise said...

Looks like a good weekend and nice sunny days