12 January 2009



It has been very, very cold for the past week so that every morning we have woken up to a thick layer of frost on our windscreens which we have to scrape off.

On Saturday the frost was extreme and stayed around all day covering everything in a snow-like whiteness. It was so beautiful that we braved the cold and went out to take some photos.


Ben- wilderness photographer extraordinaire!




On Saturday night we had the gorgeous Liv and Magnus over for dinner. We haven’t seen them since our wedding and it was great to see them again and hang out like old times.

Of course, after dinner Ben gave them some self-defence lessons.....



Anonymous said...

WOW! Fabulous scenery and photos. Looks sooo cold though. You will soon be warm enough! xxx

The Pettet Co. said...

Ben does indeed look like a nature photographer extraordinaire. These photographs are spectacular! Oh and by the way, your ear phones should arrive today if they haven't already. They're prettiest, shiniest, least-disease-infested ear phones I could find. Sorry that the first lot were substandard, I just sent the first set I managed to untangle. It's not a sinister plot to steal all your best stuff starting with your earphones, honest it's not!

Ben and Corinne said...

No problem Pettet Co....just don't let it happen again- Ben will be watching!

VerityJayne said...

ooooh pretty frost...yes look at me with a blogger account!