6 May 2009

Shanny and Myles Arrive

Last Weekend Shannon and Myles came over for a visit after only being in the UK for a short while. We ate some great food, Cheese, Bread, and Drank some great Wine, Sake, Whiskey and Cider. We also drove down to Leigh-on-Sea and looked about and ate some disgusting shellfish.
Above we have some stilton, normandy camabert, Chevre, tellagio, and a few other rotters from the london burough markets, some smoked salmon, herb encrusted salami and caper berries.
A Nice red
Shanny and Corinne both looking cute
Myles going off listening to Lady Ga Ga’s Poker face
How many people fit in a cage
Not me thats for sure

The Thames Estuary at Leigh-on-Sea. A lot of mud really
Yacht in the mud
Looking out over the mud with a grand mal headache
Myles, the bravest man in the world trying a pickled Whelk, whilst hung over. They had the look of organising snot and the taste and texture of snot, milk, jelly and eels mixed together. They were not finished.
A gorgeous English beach

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Anonymous said...

The cheese and wine look great - so do the girls. The shellfish does not appeal at all! xxx