28 September 2009



Yesterday We finally left the kingdom and flew to Prague in the Czech Republic. We had a pleasant private taxi drive to Stansted airport then we did the usual waiting at the airport. All of our airport lining up went smoothly and we even got to see a few freaks trying to challenge the systems. The man in front of us when we putting our luggage decided he didn’t have any hand luggage when asked, he obviously forgot about the massive laptop bag hanging off his shoulder. In true Easyjet style and just like on the TV airport shows he got hammered and told off like a naughty boy about not telling them about his hand luggage. We then came across a crazy older lady that had brought her favourite water bottle with her to the airport, apparently its the only one she takes to work. She off course had it taken away from her at the bag scanner and then flipped out and started saying ’Thats my property, you can’t take it away from me’. She really made a massive fool of herself and ended up attracting about 5 officials and i’d say was on her way to some sort of body cavity search. She was also blabbing that her husband was a solicitor and he would get her water bottle back for her. mmmmm

We ourselves have had a first reeming of the holiday. We went to get some money out at Prague airport and i thought i would use a western bank so i went to the HSBC ATM. I first asked for 10 000 czech monies and i was denied because i think that was past my daily limit, so i gave it another go and bang. My card was eaten. I rang a few different Czech banking ladies and off course it was sunday and monday is a public holiday and so my card is gone. We have cancelled it and luckily they are sending me a new one - to Birmingham - great. We can of course transfer all the money to Corinne’s card but it is still annoying. Oh well.

We went out to dinner last night and i had beef goulash and corinne had smoked pork knuckle or rather a pig on a metal stick. She really did get served a good 1 kg at least roast. Both meals were very tasty but we felt dissapointed that we didn’t finish the pig.

This morning it is sunny and we are about to visit the Old town.


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Auntyjan said...

A fun start to the holiday :) I know what you mean about the pig. H and I had a schweinshaxen each in Melb when out for lunch with D and A. The serving on my plate was as much as what I would serve at home for the 3 of us!! Hope you have lots more fun and good food. xxx