13 December 2009


About 4 weeks ago we spent a pleasurable long weekend with Shannon and Myles in Pembrokeshire, Wales.  We stayed in a small village called Little Haven right on the coast and we had terrible crazy weather the whole time, with high winds and rain making the news.  We had to spend our time mostly driving or inside as the weather really was horrible.  we had lots of great food and a few drinks too.

Little Haven also had 3 pubs which we visited and spent a considerable amount of time in on Saturday night.

We had a lovely time and highly recommend the area.

Map picture


Row of houses in Little Haven


Little Haven Bay, lots of mussels on the rocks and very cold water


The bay with a river coming out and a boat ramp


The view of Little Haven from the walk along the cliffs


More LH


Rugged coastline


More Ruggednessness


The only bit of outside the whole weekend


Very intelligent men, obviously doing something intelligent


A bit wind blown, and a little bit crazy looking.


The Swan inn, it had a well out the back that was very inviting on a Saturday night after 10 beers



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Auntyjan said...

Looks very rugged country. The village reminds me of the one in Popeye, the film. I think it was called NewHaven. xxx