2 April 2010

Two Tree Island

Today was Good Friday and we actually had the day off.  We are Working on Saturday and Sunday.  We slept in till 9am – perfect, then cooked ourselves some hot Croissants.

We wanted to go for a walk on Two Tree Island before the predicted rain arrived.  The island is a marshy bit of land that is separated form the mainland in the Thames estuary by a small river. 

For once we managed to wear all the right clothes including about 3 layers, beanie, gloves, rain jacket and our hiking shoes.  I also brought my camera in case there were any good birds or pics.

We found a few bird hides near some lakes and took some photos of what we thought were black headed gulls.  We saw some signs around the place about Avocets nesting nearby and i commented that i had always wanted to see one.  Once we got home and had a close look at the photos we had taken, we discovered that we have now seen lots of avocets, they look similar to black headed gulls when they are sleeping and we are both a bit blind.  Next time we go we are going to wear our glasses and also bring the binoculars.


2 Black headed gulls



A group of resting Avocets.  The bird in the middle is awake and you can see the characteristic curved beak.


A little island with Oyster catchers, black headed gulls and 2 avocets on the right, another good view of the curved beak.


The lake or Lagoon we were watching from the hide


Black headed gull surveying his territory


A couple of Avocets and an unknown water bird/wader.  Could a be a stint or curlew or snape etc.



A Coot swimming in a small creek


Little brown wading bird – too far to recognise


Hovering Kestrel


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