1 March 2008

Indian Lake Cottage

After Montreal we had a big drive back down past Ottawa to the thousand Lake region of Ontario. If you look at the map there is actually a lot more water than land around, it is really cool with locks and lakes and rivers and little cottages along the edges of the lakes. Our friends from Uni, Jeff and Lauren, were living at their parents cottage while looking to buy a house. Jeff is a vet and works in the area in an unpronounceable town. Lauren looks after the bets baby in the world, seen earlier in the florida blogs for Matt and Kays Wedding.

The cottage is more of a house and sits about 5 metres from the edge of Indian lake. They have a lot of cool toys and beaver houses and a frozen lake as well as a lot of snow. While we were there we helped jeff build a hockey ring on the ice, went ice fishing and caught nothing, did some drunk curling, a lot of drinking, drove a car on the frozen lake and drank some more. Matt and Kay came up from Ithaca in New York state and hung out too. While we were there it snowed about 50cm in 48hrs and we went driving on the now completely white rds, indistinguishable from the fields. Our 4WD luckily had no problems but we had to pull matt and kay out when they arrived because their little volvo couldn’t make it through the 40 cm of snow on the rd or jeff’s driveway. Jeff also took us visiting some dairies in the area and they bought a house while we were there, just for the hell of it.


Jeff putting the whole ice hockey outfit on me - you feel untouchable and very heavy afterwards



Jeff teaching me to fight hockey style, i did not do very well


Liv in front of one of the locks that joins the various lakes


Our car parked on the left at one of the dairies we visited


An indoor dairy, the cows live inside all year round


Joe’s liquid preferences are similar to Jeff’s and Lauren Spoils him.


Gotta be warm when you are small


Downy in a snow mobile suit, he always wanted to be a power ranger


There is always a time for shorts and gumboots


Helping matty and kay out, it didn’t help that matt had the hand brake on for a while.


starting to clear the 45 cm of snow from the rink we had made, it takes a long time and a lot of beers to do that.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic views,but a little too much snow for me I'm afraid. Brrrr!I remember dressing the kids in all those clothes. Took us at least half an hour just to get out of the house!!!