1 March 2008


After Whistler we spent one night in a Vancouver airport hotel. We were too tired to bother going into the city and we had to leave early the next morning. We did have another spa at this place and good restaurant with very healthy looking Canadian waitresses. Next we flew to Ottawa and hired another 4WD and drove up to Montreal. Ontario and Quebec provinces were really cold and there was snow everywhere, the rivers were partially or fully frozen and there was not much but white, a real change from Australia and England.

Montreal was a nice city but mainly just a city. We visited Mont Royal park which gave us a good view of the city and the St Laurence river. We also visited the biodome zoo/nature park which has different environments in an indoor dome. It was weird t go into the tropical part when it was -15 outside.


Near the Banks of the St Laurence


The entrance to the Ice house building festival that had just finished


Corinne in front of an ice rink built on part of a harbour.


The partially frozen St Laurence with ice bergs in it.


Liv in the lower part of Mont Royal park.


The view from the top of the Mont Royal Park


Porcupines in the Biodome, they sleep in trees, very strange


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