9 May 2007

Beer is the essence of a happy Life

Hello fellow beer lovers. This is one of the coolest beer bottles i have drunk out of yet. This is a dutch beer modelled on Belgian Trappist monk beers. They are fruity in flavour and have a lot of sediment which is meant to be drunk. This one is in a stone/pottery bottle and is wonderfully delicious and very refreshing after one of my arduous days at work. There is also a "Dubbel"flavour which is quite disgusting. It is high in alcohol 7 or so % and tastes like cordial mixed with beer. High % beers are quite common over here and they have many 8 or 9 or even 10% beers here; all of them horrible.

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Anonymous said...

Your beer bottle collection must be looking pretty good, Ben. I hope you are taking notes. I am expecting a book out of all this beer tasting.xxx