8 May 2007

Cheese Heaven

This is the fromagerie which we found within minutes of leaving our hotel. This was a brilliant shop with hundreds of varieties of cheeses that you will never see anywhere but france. The shop was brimming with brie de meux, camembert, washed rinds, blues, chevre and many variations as well as wine and dried meats.

We ended up getting a normandy Camembert which was tres stinky, a pappilon washed rind goat cheese and a slice of Maroilles, a famous washed rind from the calais/normandy region also tres stinky.

Perfection - French baguette, beautiful cheese, some beer and a few neurofen to wash it all down - bon appetite.
PS - Unfortunately in paris i had an ulcer the size of tasmania on the side of my tongue - slowing down the food intake and corinne had a stomach bug - not good in a food heaven like paris.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Heaven :-> Someone please get me on a plane to France.