30 May 2007

The Prodigal Hamster

Like so many Folk Tales, Bible stories and legends before, Harry has returned to us on the third day after his departure. Certain he was dead, killed by bandits or on a ship to the far east to be sold as a slave we never thought we would see our little man again. On Monday night Harry sheepishly emerged from the hot water cupboard and burst into tears. Harry had not realised but Cirque de Soleil has a strict "No Hamster" policy and thus could not give him the job he had dreamed of for so long. The only bonus for Harry was that they said his Triple roundhouse reverse back flip was 2 nd to none. Harry has decided to stay with us for a bit longer and Corinne has promised to close his cage at night now too.
Harry we love you and please never leave us again.

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Anonymous said...

So pleased that Harry has returned to the fold :D Do encourage his athletic side though - you never know, he might end up in the movies !