1 March 2008

Quebec City

After Montreal we drove north to Quebec City. It is quite old and is more quaint, we stayed in the old town which is very nice and has a lot of good restaurants. They are super french here to the point of being a bit weird and rude about it. Considering they are part of an english speaking country they really like to push the french and ignore the English - They have not forgotten there colonial beginnings obviously. We went to a history of Quebec museum and found out they really do have a chip on thier shoulders in quebec city and are still pissed about stuff that happened 200 years ago, apparently everyone is confused as to wether they are canadian, french canadian, quebecoise, french canadian native indian or just whinging gumbies. It was a lovely place to visit though, more interesting than montreal. We went to a nice french canadian restaurant one night and i had calves sweet breads (pancreas) and corinne had carribou medaliions, both very nice.


Chateau Frontenac, a large historical hotel in the centre of the old town. Snooty and expensive.


A nice part with lots of restaurants and shops, the name of which escapes me. Our french restaurant was down here.


It snowed heavily on the second day we were there, a novelty for a while until we were really covered.


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It does look lovely. XXX