13 April 2009

Clams and Scallops

We bought a KG of Clams and 12 scallops from the Fishmonger in Leigh. They were alive and Fresh from the dirty Stinking Thames Estuary. We don’t actually know where they came from but they sure tasted great. We washed and scrubbed and let them sit so they would expel there wastes and then we cooked them up in a great little chowder.

The key to any good chowder is Fat. Buter and Cream and Scallops (clams) cooked in oil etc all go into it and make an irrisistable concoction. The scallops weighed about 500grams each (not really) and were a really juicy mouthful. The clams were good but the scallops really took the limelight. We have vowed to repeat this performance and want to try some razor clams too which are long skinny ones.
Cleaning the Clams


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Anonymous said...

Looks delicious. Sounds just like the stuff Pa used to eat back in good old Blighty. xxx