13 April 2009

Leigh-on-Sea and Hadleigh Castle

On Friday we drove into Leigh-on-Sea and explored a bit. We walked down to the old part of town along the waterfront and checked out some pubs which were all packed and also bought some fresh seafood - Scallops and Clams. We then had lunch at a little Italian cafe. We also walked around Hadleigh castle which sits in a 500 acre park in the middle of Hadleigh and Leigh. The park is quite impressive and the ruins are alright considering they are 800 years old.

The Church in Leigh
A boat, possibly a trawler down at the Leigh Seafront Corinne looking windswept in front of the a Hadleigh castle tower, the sea in the background Part of Hadleigh Castle


The Pettet Co. said...

Am pretty jealous re the Chowder... Sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

An interesting new area for you to explore. Have fun :) xxx