13 April 2009

Essex and Saafend

So we have not blogged for a while now, but we are back in the UK from our fantastic 7 weeks in Australia. We have settled now in Essex, Corinne had a week in Surrey 1st. We have a nice 2 bedroom flat and a garden and also a cat Alfie, he will get his own blog.

On the first day we arrived back Ann and Mark picked us up from Birmingham Airport (Thankyou again) and we chatted for a while with them back in Weston. We then made our way up to Leadenham, Lincolnshire to see Emma and Danny.
They are living in avery cute country village with a great little house and 2 pubs. We caught up and had a few drinks and tried so very very hard to party but having been awake for about 30 hours we were actually falling asleep with our drinks in our hands. I was sitting on the couch with a beer talking and then i woke up still holding my beer but my head slumped. We did manage to get to the pub though and talk a lot of crap before passing out.

We then made our way down to the South, i dropped corinne off in Surrey and made my own way to Essex in the Trusty Peugeot (pile of crap).

The View from Emma and Danny’s back door, looking onto a great little garden complete with daffodils on a crisp spring morning.
Emma and Danny missed us so much that they rocked up in Essex the very next weekend so they could show us the sites and we could do a pub crawl along the Soufend water front as well as some chav spotting which is hard not to do in Essex.
Danny is just such a happy bloke, i am obviously less impressed in the back ground.

Soufend (spelt southend but spoken saafend by the locals) is the home of greasy shitty english food. No where else excels so much in the creation of artery blocking, pancreas destroying food. Here i am dipping my battered sausage into my pie (actually pretty good).


Enjoing a rare moment of sun and heat (20 degrees) out the front of one of the many many pubs we went to.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are back safely and enjoying the English sunshine and having fun in Saafend. Actually it looks very nice.I love the daffodils but not the greasy food.