29 July 2009


Lately we have been buying a lot of books on farming, animal husbandry cooking, curing, preserving etc. My latest experiment has been making bacon.
Bacon is simply cured pork belly or pork loin. It is salted with Salt and Nitrates/Nitrites and often Sugar and other spices to preserve it and give it its distinct yummy flavour.
I recently ordered some Curing salt off the internet which includes the essential nitrates and nitrites which stop the growth of baddies like botulism bacteria (Clostridium Botulinum - Death inducing toxins).
I got myself some pork belly from the supermarket and about 10 days later we had some pretty good looking and tasting bacon.

We also found a packet at he supermarket that has pre made croissant dough in it. The little guys take about 15 min to cook and taste pretty good, especially with some cider jelly from normandy on them.

The Bacon was a little bit sweeter than i would like so i will have less sugar next time and do some more experimenting.


These are some birthday cup cakes that corinne made for our friend Toni who had her 30th birthday at our place last weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic cooking you guys :) I am looking forward to breakfast at your place one day. I love the birthday cake - so pretty. xxx