2 July 2009

We finally get to see a proper English summer...and it has been fantastic!! I didn’t think England was capable of warmth but we have had warm, sunny days almost every day for a few weeks now. The temperature has gone up to 25C and we walk around in shorts and singlets every day.


Ahhh, the gorgeous Soufend waterfront...all types of lovely English people flock here to sunbathe and cool off in the mud (If you look closely you will note that this is in fact mud and not ocean and if you enlarge the picture you can see a sexy guy in blue dt’s and a mullet in the centre of the picture)


And just to prove that it has been sunny most days here is a picture of BROWN grass in front of our vet clinic...we could be in Australia. English summer is awesome!


Nise said...

wow, I didn't know English grass went brown! Even with the drought our grass looks greener here:) I am glad you are having warm, sunny days. I am dreaming of wearing shorts and singlets!

Anonymous said...

Sounds just like when Lal and I were in London back in the day. The temps soared (probably about 26 degrees or so)and everyone in London went to their local pool.A drought was officially declared! I am glad you are having some warm weather:)