25 July 2009

A week in Cornwall

This week i am working down in Cornwall in Hayle. I had the week off in Essex so i thought i would make some money and see somewhere new. i made the 6 hr drive down to Cornwall in the car and have been working and had Wednesday off to explore. Cornwall is a beautiful unspoiled (by British standards) peninsula in west UK. I have driven around through all the little one way country lanes and seen lots of Cornish pasties, clotted cream teas and Pirates (of Penzance). The coastline is amazing and resembles Australia in many spots, except the water is still cold. The Brits have seemed to convince themselves though that it is warm enough to swim down here as the beaches are loaded with summer holiday makers.

St Ives, a nice little town on a bay that is extremely hard to park in or get anywhere in a car, beautiful though

I found a nice little walk on the side of the road near St Ives that brought you up to a hill overlooking the sea, very pleasant and rugged area

The view from the Hill

More View
I stopped in a very small town for a Beer at the Tinners arms in Zennor. There is a lot of old tin mining in Cornwall, the place is a warren of shafts.
The view from outside the Gurnard’s Head Pub, brilliant. I had to turn back at this point on Tuesday night as i was running out of fuel and there are no petrol stations in Cornwall - slight exageration.
Belted Galloway

Cornish Mutt that appeared from the fields - on the daily pissing rounds
View of the Coastline from another random walk into the Fields

Cape Cornwall, a great spot
A large and snooty house overlooking Cape Cornwall
The Phallic structure that sits upon the Cape - possibly a copy of the many tin smelting chimneys around the area

A Real life beach with blue water and sand - in the UK. Cold and windy and crazy Brits risking Hypothermia.

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Nise said...

Auntyjan here. Denise and Adam are trying beanies on Arthur for a photoshoot and oohing and aahing over him. Very cute. Denise will send pics soon. I love your photos, Ben. Cornwall looks wonderful. Very rough coastline - no wonder there were so many shipwrecks and pirates around. xxxb