18 March 2007

Dirty Lane

Saturday night when we arrived in Castleton was St Patrick's day so we set out to the local pub for dinner and some Guiness. To get there we walked about half a mile along a track called Dirty Lane which went across sheep paddocks and around a dairy. (Ben is standing on the driveway into the farm, not Dirty Lane)
We had dinner in the Cheshire Cheese Pub (Innkeepers Pie and Rogan Josh) followed by numerous Guinness brews and Magners Irish Ciders. Ben scored a St. Patrick's day Guiness hat.
At the end of the night we had to stumble our way back to the farm along Dirty Lane which by this stage was pitch black. We stumbled along holding hands in the freezing cold getting buffeted by gale winds and sleet while being ankle deep in mud and cow poo! Lucky we had those drinks to keep us warm and brave! Anyway, we eventually found our way back and had a lovely warm room and bed waiting for us.
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Anonymous said...

Once again , cold but cute. I'm glad you got back safely :-)