11 March 2007


This is Harrods a famous and expensive department store. Of course we had to see Harrods while in London. Ben had to carry his backpack in his hand when we went in....we're still not sure why. There is a ridiculous wax statue of the owner 'Dodi Fayed' at the entrance. There are tonnes of gorgeous clothes and accessories but they're all very expensive. We loved the food hall most of all. The cheeses were especially impressive and we bought a few including Munster, Crottin de chevre and a rotten washed-rind goat camembert- very stinky but delicious. The food hall is massive and awesome but you aren't actually allowed to eat anything you buy inside it. We had to go outside to eat our purchases.
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Anonymous said...

You would think it would have been more dangerous in his hand. Perhaps they have experience of stuff being knocked over by packs on backs. All that good china and crystal etc.Lol