13 March 2007

Haircut accidents

Hi, this is a quick one just to show you all what my lovely wife did to my hair the morning we left for the UK. I asked her to trim the extra bits around the edges but she thought maybe i needed a reverse mohawk up the middle. We then had to shave this ridiculous patch off completely to get some continuity. I now look like an A-Class bogan from, well you can all think of places you know.Luckily it is growing back but not the best start to a trip or a new job.
The cut actually seems to suit birmingham though.


Anonymous said...

Hey, no fair! I can't see the photo for some reason. There is nothing wrong with bogans. They are human too :-> And there are only a few here. Lol

Nise said...

Must run in the family, did you see I have a very similar post on my blog...and adam has a completly bald head!

Anonymous said...

Hey,I can see the photo now. Pretty cute Ben. :-D

Anonymous said...

You Brunner girls make the crappiest hairdressers I have ever seen..haha (Corinne..its Sian.Ben..I have not had the pleasure of meeting you yet..great first impression..hahaha..jokes)

Thanks for making me laugh out loud for the day xxx