13 March 2007

A Tribute to my Australian Rabbits

This is just a sentimental photo of my rabbits from Australia. I bred these rabbits at home in Wodonga, Victoria. The parents, not in the picture, were rodger and daisy. These rabbits are: Browny - the fatty on top of everyone, Whitey up the back hiding, Flash the tan one on the left and Grey next to flash.
The first thing you must think is - Damn Ben has good names for his pets - I know! Sadly whitey later dissapeared when some bozo left the door open one night - it may have been me. I am certain whity now lives in one of the parks of wodonga - he was always a bit slow though.

Our bunnies are now living with friends in wodonga and I am sure they are very happy.
Hi to all my favourite nurses at home too, Brookey, Ellen, Bec, Phoebe, Tara, Danielle and anyone else I have forgotten.

PS I also miss my special friend Snowbert!

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful bunnies. Do you remember Stupsi and who is Snowbert? Xoxox