22 February 2009

Australia 2009


We have finally arrived back in Australia for some R&R and some property buying etc. On the way home we had one of the most exciting experiences of our short and insignificant lives. After the first 7 hr flight to Dubai we were at the departure gate presenting our tickets for the 14 hour stretch to Brisbane. A lovely young lady said to me a few magic words "Mr Warnick, you have been upgraded to Business Class". I of course kept my cool and gave Corinne what i am sure was a strange look, but inside i felt a whirlpool of hysterical excitement at the thought of lobster, champagne, wide screen TV and a seat that turns into a bed. We started with some Moet champagne whilst taxi-ing and then once we were in the air continued with more champas, some canapes and then an entree of Arabic mezze plater and then lobster medallions and more champagne for the main. In between gourmet meals we fiddled with our seats which were very complex including folding backwards into a bed and also a 6 setting massage facility which was very stimulating.

We arrived in Brisbane feeling refreshed and massaged and of course full. We were through customs and passport and all the rest in about 5 minutes as we had business class express cards that made us into airport royalty and then our bags came out 4th and 5th on the belt. It all proves that having a lot of money definitely brings happiness and spending $4000 on flights is not that extravagant afterall (of course we did not have to though).

We met up with the families and drank some wine, then a bit more and then a little bit more and have had a great time. We then delved into the dark criminal world of the Real estate agent and signed a contract on a property near Toowoomba that we have been looking at on the Internet in the UK. It is 160 acres and has a 4 bed antique house, many outbuildings, chook shed, old piggery, yards etc. Having watched many house shows in the UK we thought it would be enjoyable and relatively easy but unfortunately it was mainly painful and disconcerting as we had to deal with cheating lieing, devious agents that don’t even care when they are caught in their own lies. Once the contract was signed however it all became a lot easier and we are now in the inspection/conveyancing period.

We have included some photos of our time so far.


Business Class


Reading the Menu, Beef Fillet or Lobster


Arabic Mezze




Hardcore Desert


My Triumphant first pie at Big Dads Pies, Withcott, bloody Great


Rainbow Lorikeets in Brassal


Bob, Still a massive cat


The view from Toowoomba Lookout, our property is in the background behind a ridge.


King Parrot Pair in Brassall


Double Bar Finch at Rosewood


The Rellies


Nise said...

I can't believe you got upgraded to first class! I didn't think that really ever happened to real people.
Qld looks so lovely and green, it is so dry and brown here.

Anonymous said...

It's so wonderful to have Corinne and Ben back for a while. We are enjoying their company and love listening to all their plans for the farm and the future :)