24 February 2009

The Farm

Hello to you all

Today we drove out to our property for the Building and Pest Inspection. This gave us the opportunity to have a really good look at the farm and search out all the nooks and crannys and take a lot of photos so we can remember over the years while we are in the UK. Both inspections went well with no termite infestation and no impending house disaster.

Hans and Jan (Corinne’s parents) came out with us and helped us explore and took photos too. They both seemed to be genuinely impressed and we all had a good time together. Hans and I even managed to walk all the way to the North East corner of the property through chest high grass and scrub. We checked out our large Hay shed and found a few more bits of antique farming equipment which hopefully will stay on the farm after settlement.

The photos say it all so here goes. We will start with some views of the paddocks.


The start of the 1 km drive with the building in the background.





The drive heading towards the gate


The house in the centre with hay shed in the foreground.


Upper paddocks


Coming close to the house along the drive. Some white brahmans in the pic.

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Anonymous said...

We certainly are impressed. We are so pleased you are following your dreams. Dad and I would have loved to do exactly the same years ago but it never quite worked out that way :) xxx