2 February 2009

What to do when it snows a lot

Hello again from snowy guildford. I would like to vent some of my frustrations over the stupidity of some people in the world and all of the media in general. Today and last night much of Britain received the heaviest, most rapid snow falls in 20 years. Boo hoo, oh my god, is anyone thinking of the children. The media has gone beserk, snow, snow snow, snow, snow. But you know what’s worse is that the moaning, whinging sad sacks are all pissed because no one has prepared well for the 1:20 year storm. The London transport system and roads all pooped themselves and all the poor politicians are getting hammered in the media. Why don’t we have more gritters, snow ploughs? they all ask. For once the politicians sound sensible when they say that if we had all the equipment for the 1:20 year snow storm then there would have to be a completely different inquiry into why the government spent too much money on snow equipment. What happens this summer when it s a hot day, will everyone moan because there are not enough air conditioners, portable water dispensers and sunscreen for the topless men roaming the streets with cigarette and stella can in hand.

We both had the day off, we went for a walk, threw a few snow balls and had a good time. Our neighbors roamed the streets in grey tracksuit pants, cigarette and stella in hand and generally had a good time. Our road is virtually unpassable, do i complain? No, because today for the first time ever in the UK people were saying hi to each other and stopping to talk on the rd and footpath, because the snow all brought us together, no on even tried to stab us!

You know what it is, its the credit crunch effecting the greenhouse effect, too much gas and not enough salt and too much snow, way too much for some people to cope with!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Ben. You are right. People groan too much no matter what is happening :) I am glad you have some good snow to enjoy.