2 February 2009

The White Winter of 2009


Last night it started to snow and snowed quite heavily. Usually when you wake up the next day the snow has melted and everything is slushy. This did not occur today. I woke up this morning and could hear water dripping so i thought the melt had begun, but it had not, instead our back yard had about 50cm of snow in it and so did everything else. Our cars were snowed in and you could not really even see where the road was. It is still snowing now and the BBC says it may snow more later today. We both rang our jobs and they said it was a snow day off. My boss had to be picked up by our receptionist after walking a mile through the snow to get to her 4WD.

It is all beautiful and fantastic and an exciting treat before we come back to Australia.


Corinne and her Car


Our Car getting slowly buried


Our front Garden


Our Back garden


Our neighbors snowman


A snow with some tree in it.


The canal near our house, starting to freeze over



A mutt in a safety coat loving the snow


A pair of gorgeous snow hobbits


A soon to be very wet Corinne

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Fab photos. I love the dog in the snow, and of course the two good-looking people who feature in some of the pics. xxx