25 February 2009

Sundry Farm Photos

Finally here are some photos that don’t fit in the previous blogs. There are a few different land types on the farm with different soils and flora. The hills have a sandy yellow soil and are mainly grassy while the flats have black soil. Along the creek there are some thick patches of trees, but not gums, more semi-rainforest from the old forests that were here many years ago. There are also sections of sandstone with a few outcrops of actual recognisable sandstone. We even have a few bottle trees on the property which is quite cool too.


Getting a bore water sample with an evil little mutt watching


The back paddocks


Looking down to the north east flat in the far right of the photo.


Some very old farm equipment


The flats in front of the house


One of the Dams, needs some more clay and less sandstone


A cactus making the most of a fertile log


One of the hills with a couple of bottle trees


The bottle tree near the piggery.

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Anonymous said...

All looks wonderful. Congrats on a great buy!!