21 October 2009

Ahhhhhh Beeeer. Our trip to Eastern Europe certainly brought us into contact with a lot of different tasty beers. We never like to do anything excessively but we somehow managed to drink a lot of beer, even when trying not to. We sampled different beers from different countries and they were all good. When we were in the mountains we planned to be fit and healthy but with the weather we ate and drank and drank some more to pass the time in our windy, rainy refuge.

We managed Gambrinus in Prague, Pilsner Urquel, Budweiser Budvar (Czech not US), Zlatarog, Bernards, Regent, Zlaty Bazant, Velt, Corgon, Staro Brno, Ottakringer, Zipher, Stiegl and Goeser. There were probably a few others too but we may have forgotten them all. Many locals could be seen having there breakfast beers at 9-10am but we made sure we waited till at least 12pm for our lunch beer.

In Slovakia in the mountains we even discovered the fancy? 1.5litre plastic bottles of beer - happy times.


Gambrinus in Prague old town square - mid choke on large sausage chunk


An unknown lovely in Kutna Hora.


Bernards in Cesky Krumlov - Corinne staring lovingly into her amber swirls


Bernard Pivo - The Dark was good too.


Could be a Bernard or a Regent Dark, Cesky Krumlov


Budweiser Budvar made up the road in Ceske Budejovice



Budweiser dark - a tasty treat on a cold day


Corinne knocking back her 14th beer for the morning


Zlaty Bazant - a good Slovak beer, Bratislava.


Corinne delighting in the 1.5litre plastic bottle of Staro Brno - a hoppy, cheaky little drop.


Probably the same emotions as finding the Rosetta stone or discovering Australia.

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Anonymous said...

Mmmmm beer. Not that I like it that much but they do look delicious :) xxx