8 October 2009


Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Previously called Pressburg and Pozsony. Bratislava was an important part of the Austro-hungarina empire. Maria Teresa was crowned king on Hungary in 1740 in Saint Martins Cathedral when Bratislava was called Pressburg.

We caught a nightmare bus from Cesky Krumlov starting at 530am getting into Ceske Budejovice at 640am, then catching the 645am bus to Bratislava. The bus did not look like an international bus, high sides, toilet, plush seats etc. Instead the bus was just a local bus that drove for 5 hours to another country. Our bus driver was a sleazy mullet man who banned people from sitting in the front seats unless they were his mates or good looking young girls. We were screamed at when we did not want to get out on the outskirts of Bratislava because he thought we should get out there. He was a monumental prick in the end and everyone was happy to be rid of him in Bratislava.

Bratislava was part of Communist Czechoslovakia from 1948 - 1989. It really shows.

Communism has effected a ,ot of the countries corinne and i have visited. Between us we have been to Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia. Out of all these countries Slovakia seems to be the worst outwardly effected (of what we have seen). Bratislava is an amazing mix of beautiful old town that has been half cleaned up, half painted, half restored. The banks of the Danube are nice in spots but deserted and scrappy in other parts. The occupants of Bratislava actually seem to be very Western, wearing funky clothes and looking happy and well off. They actually look the most Western European of all the countried mentioned above, they also have the Euro in their pockets.

The rest of Bratislava which will be in later blogs is the same. Hints of beauty, cool buildings, beautiful countryside but all a bit let down by half assed architecture, ruined deserted buildings, crumbling roads and no signs or organisation.

We still really enjoyed Bratislava, we hit the streets, the cafes and walked around the park - with the most women with prams you have ever seen.


The Danube - a big river connecting a few big cities in Europe


The Novy Most (new bridge or UFO bridge) A bit of a touchy subject for the Brats.


Brat Castle quite impressive up on the hill, renovated 46 times and currently being renovated again.


Another day ending for the Bridge


War of the Worlds - no doubt


Not another one of the bridge, a display of the wonderful outer suburbs where the unfortunate plebs live in their multi coloured concrete shit blocks - ahhh communism.


Corinne - She sees dead people


Some classy buildings in the main square - Bratislava is definitely in the Asian Lonely planet as a place to come.


Another great door - the pigeons know a good door when they see one


A relaxing leafy pedestrian street that leads from the Novy Most to the National Theatre


The National Theatre.


Nise said...

I have loved reading all your travel stories and the photos are so awesome, making me feel like going on another holiday. You both look so happy as well:)

Auntyjan said...

That bridge does look like the characters from War of the Worlds. Very strange. I like the sound of your bus driver! xxx