13 October 2009

Blizzard in the Tatras

We have had bad weather all week in the Slovakian High Tatras. This morning at about 3 am the wind started to blow. It has not stopped since and when we woke up this morning there was sleet and snow blowing about. Now at 430pm the snow is settling on the ground and the wind is getting stronger.

2 trees have blown over, our satellite TV has broken (the dish has probably blown away) and we are stuck inside with nothing to do but blog, drink beer and eat pierogies.



We just got some new pics of part of the roof of our chalet, which is now imbedded in the ground by our window. You can see the roof tile neatly dug into the ground, this would cause a major head ache for a human.

We also just talked tot the owner of our place and he is very concerned because the winds are getting up to 100km/hr, similar to what they were in 2004 when half the forest in the High Tatras was blown over in one afternoon (by the Tatranska Bora).


Auntyjan said...

Please stay inside! Drinking beer and eating pierogies sounds like a good idea. One of our Polish grandmas at St Joey's used to make them for us. Deeelicious! Take care. xxxx

VerityJayne said...

That looks insane!