8 October 2009

Cesky Krumlov

After we left Prague we caught a train and a bus to Cesky Krumlov, about 3 hours south of Prague. We caught the train to Ceske Budejovice where Budweiser Budvar beer is made. This is the original beer before the US tried to sell dirty water under the same name. Cesky K is a Unesco world heritage listed place and is a small and really beautiful town situated on a bend of the Vltava river - the same big fella that flows through Prague. The lace is pretty small but has a great Castle on a high cliff above the town and another St Vitus’s Church in the centre of town and a few other towers, spires etc. The Vltava also looks gret flowing through town.

We spent three nights there and stayed at Hospoda NaLouzi which was a nice spot. We were close to everything, our room was cute, we had a breakfast each day and the building was about 800 years old. They even made us a sandwich with night before we left because they new we were leaving at 530am.

We spent our time visiting the castle, churches, spires and shops, we also spent a lot of time eating and drinking around town but mostly at a few little Restaurace’s along the river. We had a few drinks and some vegie food at Laibon sitting about 50cm from the water but we spent more time next door where they had meat and beer at U dwau MaryĆ­ (the two Marys’). The Owners and staff at both places were fantastic and the views superb. We were given hot water bottles and blankets at night when it was cold!


One of the towers of the Castle with some heavy weather in the back.


The Castle from the Bridge



A tower and spire in the main square



A very happy Bear? in the bear pit of the moat of the Castle


Corinne drinking again, along the river, at the two mary’s i think


View from the Castle of the town


An amazing pic we got of a butterfly in the Castle gardens - so colourful


Sitting by the lake in the Castle gardens


This could be a Regent or Bernards Dark beer by the River




Another great restaurant with grilled meaty food - Krcma v Satlavske, in the japanese guide books most definitely - drinking a Budweiser I think.

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Auntyjan said...

What a pretty place. Photos once again are great.xxx