7 October 2009

More Prague

We are sitting on a train from Prague to Ceske Budejovice on our way to Cesky Krumlov. (we were 5 days ago when i wrote this) The train is old and rickety and the man in our carriage is a bit smelly, but we are comfortable. We have finished our time in Prague and I have put a few more photos in of the beautiful city.

We spent our second day travelling to Kutna Hora, mainly to visit the Sedlec Ossuary which is a church that has about 40 000 bones in it or bodies worth of bones or something similar. It was really interesting and unusual and certainly not something you see very often. I will have pictures of that in the next few blogs. After the bones we walked into Kutna Hora, past the post apocalyptic outer suburbs and into the town centre. There was a castle, monastery and another massive 10 million year old church, all amazingly spectacular. We had a nice lunch in a little Pivnice (pub) with a sweet, gorgeous, smiling and completely non english speaking waitress. We then got lost and eventually found our way back tot the train station on the other side of the nuclear death zone.

On Wednesday we explored the Prague Castle district (Hradcany) which took up the whole day. Prague Castle is not really a castle as i would think of it, more of a collection of buildings on a hill. St Vitus’s cathdral is at the centre and is massive and intricately built, amazing etc.

On Thursday we made another day trip from prague to Benesov to visit Konopiste Chateau, the previous home of Franz Ferdinand. Not the band but the Austro-Hungarian guy that got assasinated in Serbia and sparked off WWI. The Chateau was amazingly badly organised and we barely managed to find the ticket office.

Franz was an obsessive and possibly a bit crazy and was a keen hunter. He documented his hunting career and killed over 300 000 critters in his time, mostly deer but also anything that walked by it seems. We had a private tour around the castle which was also interesting because Franz was really into technological innovation. he had hot water, central heating, flushing toilets and electricity put into the castle in the late 1800’s which is extremely uncommon. There was even a hydraulic lift in the castle.








Sometimes you just don’t feel that happy after a long day at work with the plebs


Lots of pretty Florists with Autumn displays


The source of much fine literature and liver disease.

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Auntyjan said...

Fantastic photos again. This town looks amazing - Ben doesn't look too bad either :) Did you try the absinthe? xxx