7 October 2009

Sedlec Ossuary

On Tuesday we took the train out to Kutna Hora to visit the Sedlec ossuary. It was quite small but really really full of bones, mostly from the time of the great plague, a while back now. The visit made for some good pictures and also to see some other parts of the Czech republic even if they are still just chapters in the lonely planet.




Corinne looking jolly in front of the dusty bones of about 10 000 people, femurs and skulls at least.


The family crest of the Schwartzenberg family, bigwigs in Czech / Austro-Hungarian history



The signature of the crazy guy that organised the bones in the church



The Train system and organisation is the Czech republic is fantastic. For Non Czech speakers everything is very easy, with english and german announcements, screens showing departures, arrivals and helpful staff at ticket counters. We ended up catching a few trains with connections etc and everything went very smoothly. Public transport is tedious at the best of times but we found the Trains in the republic to be great


Auntyjan said...

OMG! Too many bones - gruesome. Though I do rather like the light fittings :)

Tom VN said...

you've gotta be pretty messed up to spend that much time arranging bones!

VerityJayne said...

Oooh I love this place, Dave and I wanted to get married here but couldn't imagine shipping all the family out to the Czech!