10 April 2007

Castell Rhaglan

This is Castell Rhaglan (Raglan Castle) just outside Abergavenny in Wales. It is a very impressive late medieval palace-fortress. The ruins are very impressive and you can still see the many fireplaces and beautiful windows that remain. There is a great moat with a walkway around it where roman god statues sat in little niches in the wall (the statues have long gone). The rich folk of the day would use this little walkway to get 'exercise and air'.
This is me in one of the many circular stairs leading up to the main tower.
Ben is standing in a little passage leading down to the moat. I don't know why they had stairs from the moat, maybe it's in case someone fell in.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there..love the picture of you on the stairs, Corinne.You look gorgeous! You guys are sure getting around.How exciting..Im so jealous xxx I have lots of family in Wales.Enjoy yourselves! Sian x