29 April 2007


On Sunday we went for a drive in the arvo to stratford-upon-avon. This is the famed home of Shakespeare. It was interesting but i think the places fame has over-run the town so it is now so busy and popular that it is not that nice. There are lots of cool 4-500 yr old buildings and shakespeares house and his wifes house but mainly 10,000 people and a lot of very big car parks for all the people to park in. We had a beer in the above pub - The rose and crown and corinne bought a christmas decoration. We also finally found ourselves a modern day can opener that hopefully will work. On the drive home we asked jane to take us on a scenic route which was quite pleasant.

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about crowds. Dad and I went to Byron Bay on Friday. It was lovely and actually rained on us - almost a new experience for us! :-) However there were about 10,000 tourists there as well. We still enjoyed ourselves and had a lovely lunch at the Red Hot and Green Cafe. XXXXOOOXXX