9 April 2007

Downy and Liv

Downy and Liv are here! They have come from Australia via Hong Kong and are going to be working 2 hours away from us in Wales. They stayed with us for a couple of nights in the Brum and we showed them the shopping delights of the big city and the smokey delights of the local pub (smoking will be banned in pubs from July...we can't wait). Then we drove them to Bridgend (Pen-y-bont) in Wales (Cymru) where they will be working. Jane directed us there via White Castle.

This is us sitting in the ruins of White Castle which was built in 1068!
Liv and Downy are living in a cute terrace house on Heol-Castell-Coity (that's a street name). The welsh names for things are crazy and completely un-pronounceable (that may not be a word either). They live in a nice quiet area with a great pub up the road and a great outlet centre up the road.

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