24 April 2007

Mount Snowdon

On Saturday we decided to climb Mount Snowdon. This is the highest peak in Wales and England. It is 1,085m high. We climbed the Llanberis Path which is 14.6 km return and we gained 998m in altitude. We reached the summit in 2.5hours and returned in 2hours. The climb was really difficult and we felt like turning back a few times but we made it in the end. The scenery from the top is fantastic and the temperature seemed to drop dramatically. Luckily we'd packed our new cold weather gear so we were ok.
We've been inspired now and are going back to climb the more difficult steeper path! There are also some other mountains nearby that we want to scale.
This is the summit.

Ben talking on his mobile on the final part of our descent.

This is a view from the summit. You can actually walk along this ridgeline

This is a seagull which of course, can be found on top of Snowdon (it's not near the Sea).


Anonymous said...

Dad and I will be there for that walk next year, here's hoping:->


Anonymous said...

Great work.