24 April 2007

Driving around Snowdonia

On Sunday we went driving around an overcast north Snowdonia. Everything was still beautiful though. We travelled through many small villages, pine forests, slate quarries and valleys, we also went along the coast a few times.
At lunch time we stopped in at a pub in Caernarfon for the Roast which was absurdly huge for only 3 pounds. We also visited the Castle there which was great.


Nise said...

It looks so lovely, I am still so jealous...maybe I should be a vet in England too ( or maye not, don't think i could handle five more years of study...and science study at that!)

Anonymous said...

What beautiful countryside. You two are certainly having a wonderful time XXX

Downy and Liv's European Vacation said...

wish we were there! well we will be next weekend