10 April 2007

Spring-time Walk in the Woods

Last week and on the weekend again we went for a walk in the woods near our house. There are a few "Woods" about - these are actaully large parks/forests that are designated as woods. We went walking in Hagley wood and around the area.

This is Hagley monument and is easily reached from a very 'one way' lane.

From this hill we looked across the valley and could see a random castle so we went over and explored.

Over an electric fence and besides a little cottage we found this private castle. No name and very private - definately no visitors allowed.
The area was very nice and we saw some fine english rabbits that looked like they could take on most small dogs.

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Anonymous said...

I loved reading all your new adventures. How terrific that Liv and Downey are living so close (well by Ozzie standards that is). XXXOOOXXX