10 April 2007

The great Australian Beer mystery

Everybody has heard about it - Poms love drinking Fosters. To anyone in Oz who has ever tried it you would know it tastes like old dishwater from the sink of a student house lived in by boys, however over here it is very popular both in bars and shops. I have tried it and discovered the difference. The fosters here is completely different than the shite we have in the motherland, so they at least have an excuse. Something else I have found here that you can't even find south of coolangatta is fourex (XXXX). This fantastic QLD beer can be bought here both on tap and in cans. The crazy thing, is that it is even more different to Oz XXXX than the fosters. Fourex here tastes like a strange german lager, nice but not Fourex.
I am only here to enlighten.

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Anonymous said...

It must be something to do with the water. Perhaps English water is sweeter than ours! :-)