9 April 2007

The Hunters Moon

This is the Hunters Moon in Llangattock Lingoad near Abergavenny, Wales. We went on a detour when taking Liv and Downy to Bridgend and came across this gorgeous little pub in the middle of nowhere. We had ciders and ales but decided not to eat because being easter sunday their roast was all booked out. We have come to love our sunday roast at the pub. These little pubs in the UK are fantastic and we really enjoy going to them. The food and beverages are usually great and the people are lovely.
We heard a family speaking what we thought was Welsh but it turned out they were speaking Czech. By the way, to say hello in Czech you say "Ahoy"!
Posted by PicasaThis is the pub's very friendly cat. You can tell I'm missing my Bobby.

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