17 January 2008

The Beach House

The day after Matt and Kays wedding we drove up the coast to another beach where matt had hired a really crap beach house. It consisted of two houses and a heated pool on the beach and was for sale for 4.9 million. It had mediocre views and access to the beach. Matt and kays bedroom was the size of many small houses. we spent two night there discussing philosophy and world peace as well as having the odd beverage and playing some poker. The day before we left downy got very inebriated and was consequently punished in an unmentionable way while passed out. The next day he was not able to help with the 7 hour drive to orlando. The beach and views were stunning but unfortunately the temp had dropped form about 25 at the wedding to about -5 - 5 at the beach house, very strange to be freezing on a beach, but very sunny still.


The view from the back door


the view up the beach from our deck


Our 4.9 million house - it was alright


Another ordinary florida sunset


The deck


Matt and downy looking chromosome deficient


A walk along the very cold beach


Anonymous said...

See what you mean about the house being pretty basic.

Not much of a view either.


Nise said...

wow, if only we could find a beach house like that to rent on the peninsula (for 200 dollars a week).

Anonymous said...

A taste of the good life! Lucky you :)